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Juana J Lima

- Born March 20, 1932

- Teacher 

- Entrepreneur

- World Traveller

- Wife

- Mother

- Grandmother

Our dear Mama passed on September 25, 2017. She lived an amazingly, wonderful and beautiful life of 86 years. Her life was filled with incredible challenges and  extraordinary happiness. From the streets of Manila, to the fast pace lifestyle of  Hong Kong, and finally unwinding into the comfort and luxury of peace and serene life in California

In 2008, Mama was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, the doctor gave us a deadline of 5 years. She easily surpassed that. On Jul-24, 2017. The same doctor  gave us a new deadline of 30 days. She survived past that dreadful day. From then on, we lived life on a day by day, minute by minute basis. Each moment, each minute becoming more precious than the previous. We tried our very best to make every possible way to make her limited days as cheerful and pleasant.

Her will to survive grew stronger, as her brothers and sisters in Christ continued to pray for her health. The months of August and September of 2017 saw how God granted special favors over favors to our Mama. On Sep-8 -- against many friends' and family's disapproval, against all odds -- We flew from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and landed in Manila. It was a stressful and tedious flight. Yet, it was all well worth every minute. The next 6 days in Manila, Mama was in extreme happiness. Visits by close and distant relatives, her younger brothers, children and all her grandchildren, and most importantly, meeting her closest and best friend Bin Giok, her  high-school and college classmates, and finally on the last day, meeting her teacher of 60 years ago, Mr Sieo-Shian!

On Sep-18, Mama's flight touchdown in LAX, California.   On Sep-25, after surviving 2 life-deadlines, Mama took her "Final Flight" - above the clouds, and unto the Light, to join Papa.

We love you Mama, we love you Ama.

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