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Johnson de Jesus

I remember Sue Ha (as we usually call her) as a protective and loving sister; I am the second to the youngest in our brood. Sue Ha is my second eldest sister. There is a 16 year’s gap, 2 brothers and a sister between us, but I felt very close to her. I used to stay with her and my brother in law, when they were both teachers in a Chinese school in Narra St. Manila. When they opened up their business, I got to spend time with her on weekends only until, they moved to Davao city, Philippines. But when I graduated from college, she asked me to join her in Davao, where I stayed to this day.

I remember when I first came to Davao City, she won't allow me to go out alone and wanted me to bring a bodyguard with me, this I hated so much, because I came from the big city. This is how she is, She is as much a loving and protective mom to her children. She is a strong lady and calm and handles any problem without bothering her children.

When I came over to the US last Aug 13, 2017  I was sad to see her so fragile and weak. I told her she better be eating more because I will cook anything she likes, she smile and nod her head. So I cooked her favorite soups and she ate a lot, she looked beautiful and in a few days was walking, but when she came back from Manila she look tired and fragile, but she never complained about any pain she was suffering. What a strong lady. I know inside of me that she's feeling I asked Walter and Ibin to give her stronger pain medicine to give her some relief, so that she can sleep well. I prayed that the Lord may give her the grace she needs and God's will in her life.


I know my sister is in a better place now, where there is no more pain and no more sorrow. I know she was saved and is in heaven now with her Lord and creator.  This was her eternal hope and also for each one of us.

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