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A Year Ago Today. Many Years Ago Today

The Day You Went Away


A year ago today,

     was the day you went away.

I thought about you yesterday, 

     and I also did today.

All I have are memories,

     forever warm and sweet,

A gentle touch I felt today,

     from my head down to my feet.

If only I could bring you back,

     even just for a little while,

We can sit and talk and laugh,

     and I can see you smile.

Your footprints embedded in my heart, 

      never will I ever part.

I know God have you in His arms,

     and I have you in my heart.

Walden - 09/17/2018


Memories with the Greatest Mother Ever!

504, 506, Sa-ku and Junior Family with Mama for the 1st Anniversary

Bay, Abigail and Kendrick

in California


We visited Mama's Favorite Solvang, the Danish City of California from Sep-28 to 30, 2018.  Over 2the span of about 30 years, we must have visited the city more than 10 occasions. We stayed in the same Embassy Suites, where we stayed with Papa and Mama twice, and in the same Paula's Restaurant from 1994, the same horse carriage, the same Solvang Shoes, where Mama did quite a lot in building her shoe collections!

We were back again in Solvang on Sep-25, 2022.  This time with 507. Missing Mama dearly.

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