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Mama was a very good role model to me.  She is like a martyr in a good way that made me followed her footsteps that I had to continue to stick to my married life despite of the problem that I had with my family way back. I am so glad that God had sent me Mama, as I come to know how God send Jesus to me.


Now that Mama is no longer around, I will always remember her as she always tell me "kha-chinchay leh"! * Life is indeed a journey. The Lima family is no perfect family, but we had Mama show us unconditional love and support to each other. She has always been the pacifier in our family.

Mama, I know that you are already there in Heaven with our God and Papa rejoicing because there is no pain and suffering anymore.  We will see each other again one day and it would be for eternity.


I love you so much, Mama!

Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for the strength you have given to our family.

Your Son

William, October 1, 2017

kha-chinchay leh - In Fujian dialect means "Take it easy" or "just let it be"

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