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Chan Ming Lai

Maybe it’s telepathic. On September the 25th, I woke up in the middle of night and just could not go back to sleep. So I turn on the bedside lamp and check if there were any messages on my cellphone. There it was, Walden’s voice mail, telling me that Auntie was in critical condition. I called back immediately, but my call was unanswered. I was restless and nervous with worry. Finally, I received Walden’s email around noon on the 26th (Hong Kong time), saying these words:


Dear Elder Sister, Mama passed away tonight at 9:13, she went without pain. Mama had a wonderful week in Manila. She sang, she talked, she enjoyed a great time with her family and friends. On the eighth day of her trip to Manila, her health took a downturn, we decided for her to cut short a trip and fly home. From Monday to Friday of the week after she came home, she was fine, but starting from Friday night and for the three days to come, she could not eat and drink. Today, she is not in pain, she could hear us, but her eyes were shut, she could only hear us."

Ten months after Uncle passed away, Auntie followed. How I hate to part with them, I was hit with such sadness in my heart. Then I started thinking, my Auntie’s life was so good, she had everything she wanted. I will missed them and make my life on the model of theirs, they will forever be with me.


Uncle and Auntie had a bright and resplendent life together, the curtain dropped in the cheering applause of their dear friends and family. May they be united in the eternal kingdom, rejoice in the blessings of God forever...

陳明麗 Oct-2, 2017

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