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Merry Christmas

Remembering our Parents on Christmas Day

Performed by YoZi in 2018

T'was a Night Before Christmas


One early dawn on November 2017, 2 months after Mama's passing. I woke up to a short dream of Papa and Mama and myself . Strangely we were in a public bus going North towards Azusa Ave in West Covina. We must have reached our destination, as I called for the bus to stop for us to disembark.  I have my hands full of shopping bags... then poof... I woke up!

I have been thinking about our parents that day, of the many, many good times I have spent with them in Hongkong -- Well more than 30 years ago. Yet, the memories were so fresh, so vivid... as if it were just yesterday.

I sat in front of my desk, opened Google Docs, and wrote "T'was a Night Before Christmas". I missed them so much. My thoughts flow like water into words and emotions streamed quickly into rhymes. Tears formed in my eyes, as I completed the poem that ended with "We're spending Christmas with Jesus this year"  I was weeping yet at the same time found comforts by the final words of "Merry Christmas my son, wipe away that tear."

To my Dear Family -- as part of the song sings.. "More precious than gold, the gift of love."  This Christmas, let's give our loved ones -- fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, aunts and uncles, daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, a warm embrace. Life is short, life is precious, we are just but a mist that appears for a little while and vanishes quickly. (James 4:14)

May I greet you all a Joyful Merry Christmas, and all the best for a brand new year!

T'was a Night Before Christmas (The Song)

T’was a Night before Christmas
   Chapels all waiting for the midnight mass

Joyful children caroling simple hymns
   Bright lighted candles that never dims


Snow covered grounds into Christmas white
   Silent night turned merry and bright.
Sweet melody over the frosting air
   Warm season’s greetings from everywhere


Oh -- Father Mother nowhere to find
   Not a whisper, and not even a sign.
And all in a quick second, rose a Christmas star
   From east to west, stretched afar


Swiftly a familiar fragrance filled the room
   Snow white angels appeared in bloom.
Bearing gifts from way way up above
   More precious than gold, a gift of love.

T’was a day after Christmas
   Gentle whispers buzzing from the past
Away in a manger, lay Christ our King,
   Bring peace on earth, the angels sing.


Oh, John and Jane, they saw the light
   Glorifying heaven, all day, all night
You walked beside me day by day
   For you have never really went away.


Oh - Father Mother, so now I find.
   Cherished your love, forever mine
“We’re spending Christmas with Jesus this year

   "Merry Christmas my son, wipe away that tear.


We wish you all a Joyful Merry Christmas
   And all the best for a brand new year


Music: Jai Lynn

Lyrics: Walden L

2017 Performance: Jai Lynn

2018 Performance: YoZi Ngoo

©  Copyright 2017 LimaWix

Performed by Jai Lynn in 2017

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