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Thank you Lord for giving us an amazing mother.  Always supportive of all her children.  She understands each one of us better than anybody else can.   The sacrifices she made for us, we (her children) can never repay her back, no matter how hard we try.  The unconditional love she has for us is beyond my comprehension! 


How I wished I could help comfort her during her last few months.  How I wished Mom could stay with us even longer. 

It felt strange not to have Mom here with us any longer.  Many times after her passing, I caught myself thinking that Mom would still be travelling with me to her own funeral!  Because everything we do, Mom has always been with us…and I keep forgetting that she already left her physical body!  Mom, I missed you so much.   You will forever be engraved in my heart.  You are God’s greatest gift to me and I thank Him for that.


Thank you Lord for the blessings you have bestowed upon her during her lifetime.  I know you will be there for her eternally, as you always are for my father.

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