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Mother's Day 051318

Remembering the Greatest Mom Ever Lived - Walden

Today marks the first Mother’s Day without our Mama. It would have been "numerically" special today 051318. The numbers 5 and 13 are the most talked about numbers for Papa (and Mama too) and the 8 on 2018 makes it even more likable. Much as it hurts and pains and yet knowing that we cannot dwell on our sorrows of losing both our parents. I aim to spread cheers and joys to my family and to as many people today. After all, our parents are in a better place right now.

Mama, our Comforter. For much of our lives, Mama was always the go to person when things go south. When we have issues with a sibling, or even with Papa. She always have a solution to our problems, great or petty as it may be. Often times, her advises may sound shallow or even hollow, yet, it instantly heals and completely brings comfort and peace. Her magical words of kindness and her touch never fails to bring calm to any raging storm.

On this Mother’s Day, I asked Matthew and John, to give their Mama a big, big hug and tell her that they love her and thank her for all the things she have done for them.

My dear family, I asked you to give the mother of the house your best hug. And to my friends, I ask those of you who have your mother with you to give her a call, or visit her, and give her a big hug. After all, we know we owe it to our Mother our very first breath. I love you Mama. We are proud to be your children. Happy Mother's Day.

Memories with the Greatest Mother Ever!

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