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Mei San Bautista

Sister Sui Ha, you treated me like your own sister, so kind and generous! I will forever remember that you treated for trip to Hong Kong and Macao with you and Mr. Lima ten years ago. I had a most memorable wonderful time in my life.


I also want to thank you for bringing me to this church.  You and Mr. Lima made this a home for many people by holding a Friday night Bible study and fellowship gathering at your house.  For 18 years!  You would treat us with homemade delicious snacks at the end of every gathering. These memories are so warm and comforting.  You loved your brothers and sisters in Christ, you loved your country, and most of all you loved the Lord.  Surely, you have found favor in God.  For many times you walked through the valley of death, and you were without fear, because you believed that the Lord is with you.

What touched my heart the most is that I have been considered one of closest friends by your children.  Every time you were in critical conditions, your children will consider me the first one to call and ask to visit you. They would say: “Auntie Mei San, can you come to visit my mom?  She missed you and asked why you had not come to visit her.” That tells me that you truly considered me your own sister.  When your children made the arrangement to visit the Philippines in September, it sounded like a mission impossible.   It was how they show their love to you, to fulfill your wish to be back at home one last time. But, God is the One who can make all things possible.  He is faithful and He listens to our prayers.  Once again, we saw His mighty power revealed.  You went in peace and came back home in peace.  Now you have laid down all your worries and sufferings. You are reunited with Elder Lima in the embracement of the holy glory in heaven.  I truly believe we will meet again in God’s own kingdom. 

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